Entire Webpage Replaced by "Internet Connection Error" when Wi-Fi Temporarily Drops

One thing that I hate about Brave is that if I’m in an area that has spotty Wi-Fi access, I can download an entire webpage but the second that my Wi-Fi connection drops, Brave removes the entire page/screen and replaces it with a ‘Hey, you’re internet connection just dropped’ page.

No S*$^# Sherlock! I was looking at that page, which was useful to me, and I don’t need it to be replaced with a gigantic message letting me know that my internet connection was temporarily interrupted!

How can I turn that “Feature” off?

Cant there be just a small popup or something that tells you that your internet connection was interrupted? I can even have multiple tabs open with fully loaded, useful pages, that blank out with that dumb message as soon as I switch to it.

Rest of my family hates that behavior so they don’t use Brave because areas of my house have sketchy Wi-Fi connection zones which makes Brave pretty much useless if you’re trying to read a news article or look through some page that’s already loaded and your wifi connection temporarily drops.

Is this behavior built into chromium or did brave add it on purpose?

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