Enticing my webpage viewers to switch to Brave Browser

Are there tutorials out there explaining to our audiences why they should be using Brave? I’m thinking of something which explains why support small content providers by using Brave, how their BAT tokens are distributed. What is BAT tokes? What is Cryptocurrency? How to download Brave. How to set up Brave payments.

I’m thinking of the guy who is still on IE or Safari, because downloading another browser is too complicated, and it wasn’t presented to them when they first purchased their laptop, and there are actual steps involved that include thinking. (These are the kind that drag their knuckles.)

I have a site of my writings. I have a donate by Paypal button. A donate Bitcoin button. A mine Monero with Coinhive button. After some years, I have earned the total sum of zero with any of these options.

I’d like to add yet one more button, “Support me using Brave Browser”.

Any how-to’s out there?

Although there are a handful of videos made by fans that can be found on YouTube, there’s an official video for the Brave browser as well. It is very high quality and I recommend it:

It covers Brave’s ad-blocking features, speed improvements, battery and data savings (principal value propositions for Brave), as well as the Brave Payments feature that allows you to support creators.

What is BAT tokes? What is Cryptocurrency? How to download Brave. How to set up Brave payments.

Here are resources that are popular in the BAT community:

  1. The official BAT Introduction guide: https://www.reddit.com/r/BATProject/comments/7cr7yc/new_to_bat_read_this_introduction_to_basic/

  2. Very popular and easy-to-understand video explaining Brave Payments and BAT by a fan:

  1. Written tutorial by a community contributor on how to use Brave Payments: https://whatisbat.com/2017/12/06/how-to-spend-your-bat-brave-payments/

You may also be happy to know that BAT CM Jennie and I have just begun the process of creating many, many videos and tutorials for Brave and BAT. You can find the official BAT Community YouTube channel here. As of this writing, we’ve produced two videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0YjjIetQtxF4bnY4khZElg/videos?disable_polymer=1 Many dozens more to come.

Thanks for spreading Brave! Remember, it’s available on mobile too!

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