ENS registry used by Brave is outdated, Brave is displaying outdated results, needs small fix ASAP

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Description of the issue:
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  1. Brave is displaying outdated results for ENS resolution
  2. Try to send ETH or BAT to “migrated.eth” in the Brave desktop crypto wallet, and it will claim that name doesn’t exist

Expected result: The name “migrated.eth” should resolve to 0x0904Dac3347eA47d208F3Fd67402D039a3b99859

Brave Version( check About Brave): Latest, just downloaded it

Additional Information:
The problem is that Brave is still using the old ENS registry contract; as a result, it is showing outdated results. We recently had to update the contract to fix a bug. Brave needs to update its code to point to the new ENS registry. All this requires is simply changes the ENS registry contract address in the code to the new one.

Here is more info:

Please let me know at brantly@ens.domains when this has been fixed (and it should be fixed ASAP).

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