Enrollment to Google Workspace Org

I wanted to ask if anyone here has managed to enroll brave as a chrome browser in a Google Workspace environment.

We currently use chrome in our organization due to this ability to manage the browsers and push bookmarks and other settings to the devices, and I was wondering if we can maybe switch to brave and have this feature as I’ve seen that code is still in the browser.


Hi and welcome to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am a community member too. I do not know anything about your issue so really can’t help. I am just posting a Brave Help Center article and a few other links that may help just in case you haven’t ran across them.

There are also several related Brave GitHub issue reports open. Posting a couple I think may be relevant.

You can see available policies/settings at brave://policy. There are also posts in a feature request topic that may be helpful: Administrative Templates for Group Policy

Hope this info helps. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello and thanks for your reply.
the links you sent were for windows, almost half of the company uses Macs, so if there was a guide for Mac that does not involve Jamf that would have been great.

Tagging @Mattches who can probably provide relevant document links if any are available as well as additional information on using Brave Browser in a macOS enterprise environment.

The policies listed at brave://policy have links to documentation. I quickly browsed the list and it appears all of them are Chromium/Chrome specific. I do not know if Brave has any documentation for Brave specific policies. Mattches will know or can find out.

According to comments in the issue reports linked above, and reviewing comments in the links in those reports to other issue reports, at this time, there are a limited number of Brave specific policy options. Linked a reference document below. Even though windows environment is used, I would think that there are probably comparable registry (or whatever the comparable function is in macOS) locations in a macOS environment.

Throwing in a couple other links that may help in reference to macOS environments.




Hopefully, Mattches will drop in and provide more information on the current status of using Brave Browser in a managed environment. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot! I’ll look into those links and see if anything leads me down the correct path. Thanks!


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