Enlighten me on how Brave Reward works

I am just curious about the philosophy of it and what is next… Questions below would help me to get an idea and I hope I am not asking a lot by doing this.

  • How the payments are processed? (From what I read on the forums, it is hand processed and It sounds impossible to me)
  • Are you a part of blockchain? Do you use blockchain technology to rewards the users & creators. If so, why there are plenty of problems with the wallets and payments?
  • I have never used Brave before. I have heard it while reading about crypto currencies on the web. I am an Opera user, and it has been working fine for me. The way Brave works give me the impression of an ad agency with it’s own native browser. Am I right on this? Since you block all the ads from creators (not joined brave ecosystem) and sell yours as an option to the browser users.
  • Why to use a third party wallets like Uphold here? Can’t we just provide you a wallet address to receive our BAT tokens? I mean is it illegal or technically impossible? Isn’t the BAT a product of Ethereum chain?

Thanks in advance

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