Enlarging toolbar font


Does anyone know how to enlarge the font of the toolbars?


Hi, the issue was recognized by the team and will be addessed in a future version.



Yes too small , especially for laptops a variable font size option for Menu Bar and Bookmarks in short UI font size should be changeable and not fixed .


The fonts on the tabs, bookmark bar and the toolbar are much too small. Is there an option to change the size of these items. I am not a programmer or know how to type code but need specific directions on what to do and where to do it. Step by step so even a 5 year old can do it.

The font size for this reply box is good, however, some people might want to change this too. I like what I am experiencing using this new browser except for this important issue. Thanks and please respond.



Thanks for your understanding


Has this been addressed yet? I love the speed but can’t read the tiny font.


@jonthepain There is an issue logged for this and will be available in future release. you can track the issue here

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