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I use this app on my smartphone that operates Android system. I find that the energy used is very much. You can see the picture I have provided. I hope Brave makes this app more energy-friendly. Thank you.


Could you provide the device details and the Brave version for this?


My device is Huawei SCC-U21 (Y6). Use Android version 5.1.1 Lollipop. The Brave version I use is 1.0.27

Brave on the most consuming apps in battery settings?

What was the period of time you were using the browser for?

Is 40 mAh an indication of from the start of the browser to the closure?

Do you reckon minimizing the browser could have caused it to consume as much energy as displayed?

Have you every tested what the energy consumption of other browsers and were those figures if you did?


Have logged issue for this

Will keep the thread open for discussion.


That is a really interesting data point.

I am using Brave on a Ryzen desktop with a watt meter on the wall next to me.

I do not see a higher power usage.

Yes, software can waste power.


It does show 10% usage on tablet which seems way higher compared to other apps utilising at < 3%

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It is hard to say. It depends on how long was it open at all, what you did there(watch video, listen music, browse). It could be open for 90% of time on that period, that’s why it consumes. Here is a good comparison to do: 1. Open Brave, watch some video, browse certain websites, listen some music, measure the consumption. 2. Do exactly the same things with exactly the same links on another browser. 3. Compare the data.


I also think that is a problem which is very hard to pinpoint. If you use an app it will neccessarily consume energy depending on how you use it. If Brave was idling away in the background and not being actively used and energy consumption still was at the top of the list of all apps I would forcefully shutdown Brave. Of course any app can freeze or suddenly use high amounts of CPU because something went wrong with it.

So shutdown Brave. Take a look at your CPU. How active is it? Start Brave again and leave it in the background not using it. Take again a look at you CPU. Is it noticeably more active? It shouldn’t since you don’t use Brave during that time.

Bottom line: Apps use energy only in the way of using CPU ressources. And apps shouldn’t use any CPU resources (or only trace amounts) when they are in the background.

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