Endless donate possible

Right now it seems that I have the possibility to donate to my publishers site from the the browser wallet endlessly, although I don’t have so much BAT on the wallet. Browser Wallet shows that I have only 3,4 BAT but I’m donating all the time much more than that amount. How is that possible? A bug? Just want to be honest and inform the Barve team.

Have the same issue. Hope no one exploits them badly. Crypto is suffering enough these days

Perhaps I’m confused – are you saying that the browser/Rewards is configured so that you donate more BAT than you have available in your wallet and you don’t no why? Or are you saying something about the limit on donations to any publisher channel?

Hi @ruburuand and @Depricon thanks for bringing this to our attention, we became aware of it early this morning and have addressed the problem. We definitely appreciate the vigilance!

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