Ending referrals seems like a poorly thought out idea

With all the vitriol and people pissed off at Google for their censorship and election interference, cutting out referrals doesn’t sound good for growth. I only looked for another browser because Google went evil, and I only found Brave because I saw a referral link for it.

I moved over to Brave for the security, the potential ad revenue while browsing, and the referral rewards potential as a content creator.

I can understand if its a money thing, but decreases to referrals rewards is preferable to it ending entirely.

Same with ads, you guys should be working to offer more types of ads we can volunteer into.
IE: I certainly wouldn’t mind turning video ads and having one pop out in the corner of my screen once or twice a day.

Anyway, now is the time to be stomping out Chrome - so maybe rework/restructure referrals instead of ending them?