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I was using Brave browser only to earn bat, but I can’t tip myself and I can’t add an account to my uphold account How do you expect me to close all my earnings doors and use this browser?

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No, of course you can’t tip yourself. You have the minimum 15 bat needed to verify through uphold ?



Why would you tip yourself?

And I assume that you can’t add another Brave Browser account to your Uphold, in order to prevent the abuse of the distributing system. You are supposed to use the browser and not farm BAT on multiple accounts.


I want to win a bat, but I can’t add an account to uphold. My ads clicks are going down the drain. Even if I win the bat, I can’t get them. That’s why I want to send it to myself what’s wrong and funny about it?

If I can add my browser profiles to my uphold account again, then I don’t have to deal with them.

Also, we all know that no one uses this browser to send a bat to someone. Everyone uses it to earn their own.

What country are you from?
You should check the list of countries for Brave Browser.
The amount of ads and BAT may vary depending on where you are from.

And it was funny, because it sounded like you were trying to farm BAT on large scale and therefore try to find a way to abuse the system.

Also, check the countries for Uphold. Not all countries are supported. You might lose your BAT if you try to connect.

I sometimes tip for things I find interesting. But I have deactivated the auto tip as it is super random.

There are plenty of users who support and tip their favorite content creators on Youtube, Twitch, Reddit etc. It is a utilized feature, exp in the crypto community for streamers and content creators who feature BAT in their videos and streams.

I understand, friends, but I live in Turkey and I earn a funny figure of 2.5 bat in total from a 3 PC profil and 1 phone profil. I hope they solve the uphold problem or I’ll quit because I can’t access my earnings right now. Thanks.

Unfortunately, advertising revenues in Turkey are very low, I can earn a funny figure such as 2.5 bat per month, and it’s quite normal that I want to take it on myself, isn’t it quite normal :slight_smile:

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