Encounter of Inappropriate Content in Search Result Descriptions

Hello Brave Community,

I recently encountered a troubling issue while using the Brave browser. An inappropriate and offensive phrase appeared in the description of a search result involving the public figure Imran Khan. This derogatory content was both shocking and unacceptable.

Imran Khan (Former prime minister of Pakistan) is a figure known by millions worldwide, so the presence of such content is deeply concerning. I am seeking clarification on how Brave manages the content displayed in search results. I would appreciate guidance on steps I can take to prevent such content in the future.

Can anyone shed light on how these descriptions are generated and what filters or safeguards Brave has in place to prevent offensive content from appearing? If no action is taken, and given the high visibility of this issue, one can imagine the potential negative impact on Brave’s reputation, risking the loss of current users and deterring future ones.

Any advice on how to report this effectively would also be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,