Enabling strict site isolation on brave breaks videos on kissanime.ru


.Brave version: 0.21.24
windows 10.0.16299 x64
shields: Cookies allowed, fingerprinting allowed, ads allowed, https everywhere enabled, block phishing and malware enabled, block scripts disabled.
steps: enable strict site isolation in brave and navigate to a kissanime.ru video, such as http://kissanime.ru/Anime/Naruto-Dub/Episode-086-A-New-Training-Begins-I-Will-Be-Strong?id=103953&s=streamango
then complete the verification that you are human and attempt to play any video on that page.


Works fine for me. Do you navigate to the page directly or does following the link opens in a new tab? It works if you navigate directly to the link but opening the link in a new tab with site isolation doesn’t work which is a known limitation of the experimental feature.

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