Enabling Flash after EOL

Hello everyone.
I had no idea where to ask this, so sorry if I’m in the completely wrong place.
If the answer can’t be found here, I’d appreciate pointing me to a better place to ask.

Very soon flash will officially be “dead.”
I understand why this decision was made, and I understand this was inevitable.
That said, I still use it semi-regularly. Something keeps bringing me back.

Brave, like every other browser I know of, has said they’re dropping flash support on the 1st.
They specifically say, “Brave will allow users to run Flash on websites on a per-session basis until it’s fully deprecated, at which point it will be disabled by default.”
Given the above, I have to ask a question: Will I, as a well informed user, have the ability to re-enable flash?
I understand, and would accept, all the issues with doing so.
I am perfectly willing to accept the responsibility of what happens after doing so.

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