Enabled to TIP in the Philippines

hello sir , please enable to tipping brave rewards in the philippines , I hope you can add region and I hope u choose Philippines, please

No one knows when / if The Phillipines will be back. There’s a lot of fraud issues there. Hopefully everything gets sorted and is back. You can still tip to creators who are from regions listed below

@jeffiann243 If you have been using Brave for a while, you will have been earning vBAT. That vBAT can be used to tip Creators. That said, the update that will be getting released later this month will be putting an end to vBAT earnings. In order to earn BAT, you will need to be Verified with a supported partner. Currently, Philippines is not supported, so this means you’d be unable to earn more BAT.

As to getting Philippines added again, it is hard to say if or when that will happen. Brave is adding countries back as best as they can, but it’s taking a long time. As it currently stands, around 187 countries & territories (including Philippines) are able to participate in Rewards. However, only 52 of those are able to link to a custodial account. That means people from 135 countries are unable to receive BAT payments for themselves. That’s a pretty large number.

As to Philippines and Vietnam, it is hard to say if they will ever be added again or how long it will take if they are added. This had been removed by Brave due to excessive fraud and other issues. I’m sure that your country will eventually be added, but at the same time I’m also sure it’s a lower priority than some other countries on the list that need to be added.

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