Enable Stretch To Fit Override option for video in fullscreen-landscape mode

Currently, in Brave on Android, all 16:9 videos in fullscreen-landscape mode play by scaling the video while preserving the aspect ratio.
This means on devices with longer aspect ratios such as 18:9, the video will either play with black bars on the sides, or crop the top and bottom (depending on which website a video is playing on).

The following screenshots were taken on an 18:9 screen phone (Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact)
See the black side bars example below (snapshot taken from invidio.us ):

cropped top and bottom example from Bitchute below (note the partially missing text at the bottom of the video image):

The feature request:
Could future versions of Brave have an option in the settings to override the existing video scaling in fullscreen-landscape mode which preserves aspect ratio and instead be able to stretch to fit (and thus not preserve aspect ratio)?

I found some information on video scaling on Android which is about VideoView class included in the Android SDK.
It talks about stretching video to fit the parent area it plays in. It might be helpful to include here: https://binhvova.wordpress.com/2013/04/23/android-how-to-stretch-video-to-fill-videoview-area/

NB. The screenshot from BitChute was taken with the phone in “Immersive Mode” override. This was achieved by following instructions from this website: https://www.droidviews.com/enable-immersive-mode-without-root/