Enable macOS insert symbol shortcut


On macOS, when I invoke the insert symbol pane (Control + Command + Space), nothing happens.

As emoji are a very common means of communication, it would be lovely if I could quickly use them when completing forms within Brave. For example, when posting to social media.

Thanks Brave team! I love your work!


+1 I use this feature on my macbook daily and it is the reason I have not adopted Brave as my primary browser. Please add support for this feature!


Brave is otherwise a very good browser but I am having the same issue. The Ctrl+Cmd+Space shortcut for symbols doesn’t work & is a major problem as emojis are part of our daily lives now. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’d like to add, that not only insert symbol, but even the general Copy / Cut / Paste (Command + C / V / X) keyboard shortcuts are not working, only the right click menu.