Enable flash not working

i have the latest flash, however it still not recognized… !

Hi @kasiyaka, welcome to Community!

Can you try navigating to brave://settings/content/flash, and changing it from block flash to ask first

I would also try downloading/installing the proper Adobe Flash, https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/

its already set to ask.

and I keep gettting this message.

I have the latest FP version.

Flash Player Required

The Last Stand: Dead Zone requires the latest version of Adobe® Flash® Player.
It’s free, and only takes a small amount of time to download.

Required version: 11.3.300.271

Currently running version: 0.0.0

Download Flash Player

I already have the latest Flash Player!

RIght… Visit http://isflashinstalled.com/ Does it show this? (enabled with Flash in the permissions, from the adobe flash plugin)

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