Enable ads in Brave

I have installed Brave on my new computer, but it does not send me ads with notifications in the right corner of the screen. How to enable?

Hello @sf890. Check at your windows if Brave notification are “on”. If not try this simple tool to make this possible: https://www.bennish.net/web-notifications.html

Have in mind that ads are not not enabled everywhere. Se here if your country have ads: https://brave.com/transparency/

Then don’y forget that Brave may need time to find the ads of your interest at your country catalog.

Can you tell me how to check if notifications are on?

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Sure. Go at “settings” then “system” then “notifications and actions”. See the screenshot:

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But Brave does not appear in the list at all.


Then :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_up_2:

I have clicked on ‘‘authorize’’
and this text appeared

Permission to display: granted

Is it on now?

You can control at the place in which you controlled before.

Does not work :confused:

What does not work? You have not “on” the Brave notifications? If not, repeat the procedure with the tool and click all the three buttons.

You are not the first one to use this tool. Has worked with everyone.

If the notifications are “on”, then have nothing to tell.

But you must control even if your country has ad campaigns live here: https://brave.com/transparency/

And if are only 1 or 2 campaigns is not strange that you don’t receive no one ads.

Yes, the US is supported.

This is on.


See if this is “on”:

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Brave is not listed at all there.

Try again this and push all the three buttons. YOU MUST ACT ON BRAVE BROWSER.

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notifications do work.

See in WINDOWS if the Brave notifications are “ON”

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