"Enable Adobe Flash" button is greyed out and un-selectable // Trying to run npm run watch in Terminal freezes


I have two issues and will separate them thusly.

  1. The first issue is a problem with trying to click the “Enable Adobe Flash Support” button in the Plugins tabs of the Brave Preferences page. It is greyed out for some reason, and un-selectable. Please don’t lock this thread and link me to the “Flash isn’t working / Audio or Video is not working” re-route page, I’ve already read and checked it several times and have downloaded and installed the PPAPI Adobe Flash player several times as well.

This is what I’m seeing:

As you can see, it is greyed out.

  1. The second issue is in trying to configure Google Chrome extensions to work on Brave. I’ve followed the instructions from the Brave-created “Loading Chrome Extensions In Brave” guidelines. The first steps were working fine but I became stuck after entering “npm run watch.” This ran for a while but, even after retrying several time, gets stuck at the same place. “webpack compiled successfully” is the last thing it says and it stops there. When trying to open another tab in Terminal, it shows that the original tab is still running processes and trying to close it gives me an “Are you sure —?” message.

This is what it has been looking like for several hours now:

As you can tell from the circular button next to the tab, it is still running, but no changes have been made for hours. I’ve exported the command log from Terminal and saved it in a document. However, since Brave forums doesn’t allow any document files to be uploaded, I’ve uploaded it to my Google Drive account and made it public:


If this is not allowed for security reasons, please do not remove the post – I’ll remove the link and paste the text in pastebin.

Some more details:

I am running macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6on my desktop MacBook. My Brave Version is as follows:

Thank you for your time.

Thanks for reaching out @helpmelilb

cc @mattches for your Flash issue.

For extensions, you may want to try this one for testing/side-load the extensions. It’s from one of Brave team https://medium.com/@jonathansampson/testing-chrome-extensions-in-brave-8e25d1f7386d

Also, we can wait for Brave 1.0 arrived this year because it’ll have more extensions support. More about Brave 1.0 https://brave.com/development-plans-for-upcoming-release/


Sounds great, but when would a stable release of Brave 1.0 arrive?

@helpmelilb No ETA so far. The team just said that it’s planned for this US fall. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome. I don’t mean to rush, but when can I expect a response for the JavaScript issue?

Hi, this issue was fixed with the latest update, so it can be closed.

Thank you!

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