Enable a blogger blog for rewards

Does anyone know how to upload the text file to Blogger to be recognized by the rewards program?
When I paste the content of the file I get the following error: The content of the ads.txt file does not meet the formatting standards. See https://iabtechlab.com/ads-txt/ (Attached screenshot).
It seems to be necessary to convert it to ‘ads’. I consulted the link that says and I didn’t know how to do it. Do I have to enable monetization? Would enabling monetization of my blog authorize Google to put advertising on my blog, which I don’t want?

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@granerosdejose if you have yourowndomain.com for your blog, then you can try DNS record method instead. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021408352-How-do-I-verify-my-channel-

Thank you very much for your reply, but I don’t know where I should embed the Value (or TXT Value / Data) Can you help me by being a little more explicit?

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Besides, I don’t know what yourowndomain.com is. I use Blogger, a Google blog.

You can´t use BAT rewards on Blogger unless you have your own domain name, even if you had one, it is not easy to add it to blogger and verify it in the DNS.

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