Empty brave wallet, but have been receiving ads

Description of the issue:
I have been using Brave browser both on desktop and android mobile for over 2 months. Have set and been receiving maximum amount of ads on both. Desktop - everything good. Mobile - wallet is empty, have never received any BAT tokens.
Have seen a couple of similar threads but never saw a solution to this problem

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. I am receiving ads, but no BAT tokens. Have never received - 0 in my brave mobile wallet
  2. I have updated the latest Brave browser updates
  3. I use mobile browser just as much as desktop

Expected result:
Being able to receive BAT in my Brave mobile wallet to eventually sync it with my desktop wallet.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Brave 1.23.74, Chromium

Mobile Device details
Realme X2 Pro

Additional Information:
Thanks in advance to everyone who might help :slight_smile:

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could you send screen shot of the ads that you get and it does not count

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Here are screenshots, pictures are numbered.

  1. before the ad
  2. the ad
  3. my wallet in rewards after ad
  4. also my wallet after ad
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thanks for that
this is called sponosr image ads and here are the rule for it

  1. only 4 per hour will be counted
  2. 20 per day
  3. it should be from your catalog to be counted check this to know which one are from your catalog https://sampson.codes/brave/ads/my_region/
  4. make sure the ads link in the background image t be exact the same as the on from your catalog

for example
Screenshot from 2021-04-10 20-27-47

on that case only the one that end with /fortified will be counted

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

So i checked my catalog and got another bitpay add.
I added another screenshot from my bitpay ad and a screenshot from it being in my catalog. This is the link to the bitpay ad which also seems to be correct: https://bitpay.com/download/?brave-getapp

I have received more than 100 ads. Shouldn’t have i gotten at least 0,1 BAT from that amount. Even if part of that wasn’t in my catalog… Something doesn’t seem to work.


this one only show the BAT you have on your wallet

but this

show the estimated

do you mean when you clicked on the image it show you the same link in your catalog right?

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Yes. When I clicked on the image it showed the same link as in my catalog.

not sure if there other rule that control the background ads or not
in your catlog do you have any ads that tagged as notification ads or only new tab page one?

3 new tab page and 3 notification ads.

How or who should i ask to resolve this?

let me ask someone from the team to check this @Mattches @tmancey
and have a nice day for all of you :slight_smile:


Can you please send me a DM with your wallet ID found on your brave://rewards-internals page

I have been using Brave on my laptop and my phone for only several days now, but I am having the same issue. Getting ads/sponsored images, viewing them, my BAT balance is still at 0.000. A couple hours of searching brought me here.

Still nothing…

Anyone else from brave team or community can help?

Thanks in advance.

did you send DM to Mattches with your wallet id as he asked you on that post

you and very welcome

Yes, I did right after your last reply.
Unfortunately didn’t receive any messages back.

you mean you sent it today or 28 days ago?
if it today then give it some time if it before then send him another msg and mention him here in this post also and ask him to check his dm in case if some issue happen and your old one did not went to him

I wrote to mattches 28 days ago and 24 days wrote again. No answer.

@Mattches , @tmancey , could you help resolve this problem. Still, this problem hasn’t gone away :frowning:

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Try installing brave beta…it will work

If i won’t be able to resolve this any other way, i might try this. But doubt that this will work.

If i download beta, i wont loose any saved data or settings?

But thanks for an option

Very sorry for the lack of response – I’m tracking a ton of DMs and I must have let yours fall through the cracks. That’s on me. I’m going to go ahead and respond to your message now and we can move the conversation there.

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