Emotes issue (bug) on Android

Since the last android update of Brave, I encounters an issue about emotes. All of them are in “ghost mod” on my mobile phone. On deskstop no problem.
Emotes aren’t fine to see, hurt my eyes, It became annoying.

I don’t know if it can be reproduced. Actually, I’m on Android Brave 1.32.112, Chromium 96.0.4664.45.
I tried to clear cache of Brave app, no result.

I think the issue is with the online emotes (or keyboard) as the one that’s built into my phone works great elsewhere. It displays normal emotes, but those emotes are “ghosted” when posted on the forum. (joined screenshots)

My phone keyboard

Forum keyboard

Someone else have the same bug ?

@Mattches an idea ? :thinking:
I don’t understand what’s happen…
Thanks in advance.

Apparently, when I turn off “Dark mod” (experimental) in settings, all is good, but this mod is on since long time and issue is met now ? Strange…

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Not sure I entirely understand the issue. Can you be more specific about what “ghost mode” means? Additionally, as you stated, the Dark mode (experimental) setting is (as it says) experimental and may sometimes produce undesirable results.

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I joined screenshots in my previous message to illustrate.
Here same zoomed.
Normal emotes when dark mod is off

And modified emotes when dark mod is on

White color replace black on online emotes keyboard of forum. This is what I wanted to say the first time. Emotes appears like “ghosts” with their white faces.

I agree with experimental status of dark mod, but it’s on long time without any bug before now.

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Can you tell me the model of the Android device you’re using at this time?

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My phone is a Samsung Galaxy A51.

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