Emoji/Icon as Tab Group name

Having the option to add an Icon or Emoji to a Tab Group name in addition or instead of the text would be really nice.

As a user that works with many tabs but doesn’t like to switch windows, I often use Tab Grouping to mitigate clutter. However, being able to only give text-based names to Tab Groups still makes each group take up more space than I’d like in the tabs bar. Having the option to show only an Emoji or Icon would really give it a clean look without taking away the quick differentiation between the different groups.

A couple of things that would make this feature perfect:

  1. In browser settings, have the option to choose whether the full Tab Group name should be shown when collapsed, or just the emoji
  2. The option to add an emoji can be added next to the text field when naming or re-naming a tab group, similar to how it’s handled when editing Opera Workspaces



Also, you can use https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tab-groups-extension/nplimhmoanghlebhdiboeellhgmgommi to make groups better if you want auto-group function based on a lot of things = better than Opera work spaces, also it has save and restore tab groups feature.
Brave has the brave://flags/#tab-groups-save flag, but it causes crashes in some situations, but seems like most bad bugs have been fixed in normal windows, so I haven’t seen a crash there, it was mostly Private windows, also Chromium has the tab groups sync function, so they might expand it to Android eventually so Brave will take advantage of it, but the Tab Groups Extension is still a cool one to have.