Embedded Twitter videos not loaded on Huffingtonpost?


This topic is for discussion about the issue reported below:


@sriram has told that the video can be loaded by disabling the shields.

If anyone cannot play it even after doing so, let us know :smile:


I am also experiencing this behavior, although its not specific to Huffpost. I cannot play videos directly posted in twitter, either. Shields or no shields.


I can see the screenshot of the video, but am not able to play them in any fashion unless I open up another browser. I have flash enabled, but not sure if that matters.


Hello !

On Eurosport, Twitter don’t



Why ?


Hello ! Please ! :frowning:


@Bolly in your screenshot shields are enabled (the icon is orange). Do you still have the issue if you disable shields (tap on the orange lion and select to disable shields). Then reload the page and try again or open the page in a new tab and try again.


Hello ! Thank you so much !!
Why videos are not only read on with the orange icon activate? With other providers (YouTube …), it works very well