Embedded Twitter videos cannot be played back

already in Brave (not Beta), you couldn’t play embedded Twitter videos.

Here is a page where the problem is understandable:

Problem Reproduction:

  1. open page
  2. scroll down & try to play a Twitter video

Could you fix that?

Do you mean this is happening on Brave (0.24.0)? If so please open a new thread under webcompatibility. Also do you mind checking it on Beta. If it happens on beta as well then we would work on fixing it. If its on the b-l release version then it would not be fixed since we are moving from Beta to Release soon.

Yes, the problem already occurred on the release channel Brave. But also in beta. If it is fixed in beta, then there will be an update for the “normal” Brave, won’t there?

I can reproduce, it looks like the videos are being read as ads or may have some ad-tech embedded within them. In Shields panel, selecting Allow ads/Tracking fixes the issue.

@sriram is this the same situation happening with Amazon Prime videos not playing until ads are allowed?