Embedded tweets broken when 3rd party cookies blocked


I noticed tweets embedded in web pages no longer have the correct format when blocking 3rd party cookies. I previously reported the same thing with ad blocking a while back, though that was fixed at one point. Here is that thread:

I am on a Pixel 2 running Android 8.1.0 and Brave 1.0.40. Here are screenshots, first not blocking cookies and second blocking.

Here is a page you can see it. Just toggle blocking 3rd party cookies.



What is needed is more granularity “allow twitter cookies (only) on Ars Technica”. The current system is a blunt instrument which I am finding (as sites react to browsers like brave) increasingly requires shields down or at least at half mast, when likely only 1 or 2 key scripts or cookies need be let through. It’s a hard problem, so thank you all for working on it!

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