Embed brave token on dex and waves.exchange. Uphold scam

Hello developers brave. please refund or return my 2,000 tokens that hung in the uphold wallet. A not unreliable exchange frauds users. please urgently also integrate waves.exchange and other dex exchanges. it is better to withdraw funds to the metamask wallet and exchange on dex exchanges

I answer the questions of my friends who are the same with this problem: 1) passport + plus an additional document does not read as stated by uphold. 2) because of a special operation in Ukraine, your country is under sanctions. Yeah, seriously? Lets China/India/Egypt/Turkey and other countries block that Western countries and European countries did not support? where was the world community when civilians were bombed for 8 years? did not notice. So any state and resident will say nothing terrible to shoot or blew up people in the West and Europe, we did not notice. this is the absurdity of Satoshi nakomoto created a crypto economy not so Тthat some people were thrown out of the community. boris johnson/joe biden and other politicians will jump from the 25th floor and will you jump after them too?

uphold every time does not allow to withdraw money and plus says passport and additional document is not read


I wonder how you got 2000BAT, when most users are fighting to get 5 per month.
Maybe there is a reason why Uphold is blocking your account. Just saying … maybe :stuck_out_tongue:

No support required. Please reach out to Uphold to resolve this issue.