Email protection

When scrolling down this page,, and hitting the envelope button, Brave opens a new tab, with the following message ’ You are unable to access this email address’. Extensions and trackers & ads blocking disabled.
When hitting the same envelope button with Vivaldi, it opens my e-mail windows client. With Vivaldi, I can also right-click the envelope button and select ‘copy e-mail address’. When I right-click the same envelop button with Brave, I cannot select ‘copy e-mail address’.
It seem Brave is problematic with Cloudflare.

Nothing Brave specific here, It would depend on your mail defaults in Windows. Are you using a third-party mail app like Thunderbird?

In Windows Settings, search for Default for default apps.

I just tried with Brave again, and now Brave opens a new tab with the e-mail address in the url bar. Now I don’t have an issue with Brave

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