Email not arriving or taking a long time to arrive to log in for Publishers

I haven’t managed to log in or receive an email to log in since 2nd of May.

I put in my email, press log in and the email never arrives.

I manage my own email server, I’m receiving all the email I expect on my account. I have checked the server logs, the email is not being rejected nor is it being marked as spam. There doesn’t seem to be any attempt to deliver.

I have in the past received mail from

Considering I have 2FA set up on the account, I’m not sure why an email loop for every log in is necessary.

been two days for me same thing

@brianoflondon @sephir,
I’m able to login to my account without any issues. Are you logging in through the official publishers site?

Of course, yes. I enter my email and never receive the link to log in or sometimes it can arrive between 1hr and even 12 hours later.

Over the last few days I haven’t received any links to log in.

2FA with a google authenticator is plenty good enough, I don’t know why you guys make me do an email loop for EVERY log in.

Hmmmm I just clicked on your link which is going to

I’ve been using

Just wondering what we’re supposed to be using?

Ah I see – sorry for the confusion! They both lead to the same place so either will work. I think we’re in the process of moving strictly to for future reference.

Neither are sending me an email right now after multiple attempts.

Sorry for the delayed response – looking into this right now. Will have more information shortly.

I haven’t managed to get a log in email since 8th of May. Numerous attempts.

Again – thats my bad. I’ve already reached out to our Publishers team but no follow up yet. I will ping them right now for an update. Thank you for being patient with us.

Howdy! I’m from the publishers team, I think what happened is that you’re on the SendGrid no-send list. This usually happens if you click “Unsubscribe” or mark the emails you receive from us as spam.

I’d be more than happy to take you off this list, but i’ll need you to DM your email address to me.


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