Email does not launch when email link selected on new website

New website: Problem only occurs with Brave users on PC desktop.

Rechecked problems with PC. Still exist on the PC with Brave Browser. Cleared cache and cookies. Brave browser shields confirmed off. Rebooted PC.

Problems with PC still exist.

The cell phone bookmarked link to the website works without a problem. Only an issue with a link on the Community Page…common also with PC.

**A problem seems to be that the Brave Browser does not provide or launch a selection of email clients to use. There are a few other functionality differences between the PC and Cell versions.

Here are my notes on the functionality between PC and Cell Phone.

PC: Windows 10 latest version; updated Brave Browser; Brave Shields off; updated Protonmail and Gmail email Clients open

  1. Login to website
  2. Click on Community; Click on Goes to a blank page.
  3. FAQ: Click on #10; Select either of the links ( It does not launch an email client or to select.

Expected result: Clicking an email link should launch a window to select an email client to use. No problem with cell phone using Brave. Only when using desktop PC with Brave.

Brave Version( check About Brave): Version 1.42.97 Chromium: 104.0.5112.102 64 bit

Additional Information: Problem only exists on the PC. On android cell phone using Brave, bookmarking the same website, only one problem exists. See above.

Hi @kpatrick0715 welcome to Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Is the the correct URL you provided? I am unable to visit that site to troubleshoot your issue.

The general site login is To get to login to certain sections of the website, you have to be a member and pay a fee.

HOWEVER, if you go to the FAQ in the navigation section at the top and look down to FAQ #10 “Who do I do I contact if I have questions” and open, there are two email links to select.

In my experience, neither opens up to an email client to send an email. This is happening on other links on this site, particularly “Community” (from the navigation header) but that cannot be accessed without becoming a member.

I do have an inside contact to the owner of this site. The feeback is that these problems of email are only being experienced by Brave users.

Would be great if you can fix!

Thank you! Kevin

Thanks for providing the link above.

It appears that this issue is not exclusive to Brave.
Just did some quick troubleshooting, this issue appears to be on Chrome, Safari and Firefox as well. It might be the links they have on their site. It would be best to reach out to them if you have contact with the owners.

The Site owner is a Safari user and is the one telling me that from the feedback they are getting, it is Brave users only experiencing the problem.

You are correct. Tried Chrome and MS Edge. Clicking the link won’t launch and email client.

Providing feeback on what happened to this problem.

The website programmers agreed with the problem and your assessment.

The perplexing issue for this “bug” is that for some Brave users (and other browser users…Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc.), it works fine. For others using the same browser(s), the problem presents itself. There appears to be no correlated link as to why this is occurring other than settings in the operating system between users who experience the issue, and those who do not.

For example, when using Brave on my android cell phone, I opened to this website and bookmarked it so I can easily access the website. No problem with the email links opening to allow selection of the email client, in my case Gmail and Protonmail. Works just fine.

So the programmers are providing FAQ instructions to users experiencing the issue on how best to try and “fix” the problem at the individual user’s PC loevel, as they are not able to solve the problem otherwise.

This is something new to me as in the past, my experience was as a reliability test engineer for HW, FW and SW progams for HP. Problems like this, to my knowledge, never presented. Obviously, we were testing peripheral products, not operating systems or browsers. Sometimes bugs occurred that would take extensive changes in coding to fix, so an assessment was made to overall impact to Customer Satisfaction. Release dates were rarely moved.

Have you experienced or heard of a problem of this nature. If so, how was it dealt with?

Greatly appreciate your help and response in this matter.

Sincerely, Kevin

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