Element hider not just ad blocker



Both Ublock Origins and Adblock Plus have the function of hiding elements. Not just ads but elements from the page. It’s a distinction because I use it in chrome to trim away not only ads but parts of the pages that are just not interesting to me. Like for example: http://grrlpowercomic.com/archives/2623 in Brave it takes 12.52 seconds to finish loading.

It just has SOO MUCH JUNK on the page. Not ads but comments and links to other web comics, fan art and just stuff I don’t care about. Having a right-click functionality that lets you block elements of the page lets me load it almost instantly in chrome because I’ve cut all that crap out leaving only the web comic and the navigation controls.

Also when you visit places like 4chan being able to right click an offensive image and hide it is a must have.
If we could get that, not just an ad blocker but something that lets you hide elements of the CSS that would be great.


Cosmetic filter is not yet implemented but can be tracked here

This feature request is tracked here

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