"Elastic" animation when swiping at end of page or back/forward


Safari has a nice animation when you reach the end of a page or the start of a page and you are swiping on your trackpad: the end of the page will act a little bouncy and follow your scrolling even a little bit beyond the edge of the page. It’s hard to describe but go to any page in Safari and try to scroll below the end of the page or above the beginning of the page. Additionally, when using the “swipe to go back or forward” feature in Safari, the previous/next page move over the current page from the left/right in response to how you are swiping. Adding some subtle animations like this that give visual cues to the user that you are actually swiping forward or back adds a really nice touch.


I think we have the vertical elasticity UI in place, but I agree that we probably need some better visual indication for forward/backward navigation.

We’re tracking that here : https://github.com/brave/browser-laptop/issues/2477