Effortlessly share Brave sessions among colleagues, friends, or other devices

Hello Brave Developers,

I was recently opening multiple tabs of different pictures, and thought there was no efficient way to send my friend all of these links to photos. I thought of a feature such as the reopening a recent session, but giving that to your friends.

My idea for this was similar to when you hit Ctrl + Shift + T (It will reopen a recently closed tab, or a recently closed Brave session) but instead of reopening it on your machine, it will generate a link you can send your friends. Upon clicking the link, it will launch the original users Brave session.

For example, this would be useful if you found a lot of resources on a project, or have a lot of pictures open, and you want to efficiently send them all to a friend or colleague. This could also be useful when transferring your session to a different device, such as a mobile device or another computer effortlessly.

Overall, I think this could be a very useful feature for those looking for a more efficient and effortless workflow, between peers and even own devices.

Edit: I have since thought of another additional feature. For easier transfer between devices or where links are not applicable, a session code could be viable. When you generate the link, let’s say you are given “brave.session/y631qt” You can then give the end of the link (“y631qt”) to a peer, or use on a different device. You can also choose the duration of the link, for up to a limited amount of time. Limited amount of time would allow for never running out of session codes.

Thank you.