Edit Session names for new tab


Better Tab Management!

1. There is a support for 10 seperate sessions. I’m guessing it acts some kind of containers, where cookies are not shared between multiple sessions. That’s a great feature, I really appreciate it. But an ability to rename the sessions will be much more convenient. That way, we don’t have to remember things like “I use session 1 for Google accounts and Session 2 for work

2. Some creative shortcut for opening new tabs in a particular session will be really cool. I often go for the traditional “Ctrl + T”. Maybe something like “Ctrl + T + 1” for Session 1 will be cool!


  1. You get session icons on tabs but not sure how it will work given you can open multiple session tabs where you can ideally open any site. For example you can have session 1 with Gmail and open multiple session1 tabs and visit any sites, so not really sure how it can help. But definitely a good suggestion. Will pass it on to the design team.

  2. You can use Ctrl+Shift+S for opening session tabs. Unfortunately i doubt there will be a short cut created for sessions tabs as user can open multiple session 1 tabs so binding it to a specific tab wont work.

There is also a mouse shortcut on new tab button allowing you to choose specific session tabs to be opened


Regarding renaming of sessions tabs we do have a new chromium based browser in works which will solve this issue. You can read more about it here