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How can I edit or delete the Remove (from homepage) list? I have accidentally removed one page that now never ever appears again, even I delete all Browsing Data and open that page several times.

When you say:

Are you referring to the list of top sites displayed on the new tab page?
If so, opening a site several times and then visiting the new tab page will not make it appear in top sites immediately. Give if some time, use the sites and it will appear eventually.

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Yes, I do refer to the new tab page. I use that specific site since about 3 weeks nearly daily and it didn’t appear so far.

While we’re reworkng the NTP top site functionality, one thing you can do is remove another top-site (or reset them) and, when you see the option appear to Undo the action, you should also see the option to Undo all – if you choose to Undo all you should see any/all top-sites you manually removed reappear.

If I do so, I see/can only Undo (the last one), not Undo all. Undo all would be good.

I reinstalled Brave with all the reconfiguring work but at least the hide list has been removed completely as well with it.

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