Edit handlers/protocols UI

Chrome used to have an editor where you can remove, enable or disable protocol handlers. It seems to have disappeared without reason from Google Chrome as well as Brave.

While we can edit protocols directly in the user prefs file, is there any reason why it was removed? It seems like it’s dangerous to not allow people to remove protocols they may have accidentally clicked “yes” to. In fact, protocols can allow the launching of programs on the host PC. It seems like a huge security hole to not allow users to remove them or at the very least “clear them all”.

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Absolute must have nowadays. How can this be ignored?

Commenting to keep thread alive. I too need to change the registered protocol handler for Teams and would prefer to not hack the pref file.

I believe that is the global setting that would have prevented Teams from asking if it can open the external app, but now that I have allowed that, the toggle has no effect and I have no way to tell Brave to stop allowing Teams to open its external app.

This ^^^

I’ve actually tried and can’t figure out what to do. I’ve deleted all references to Teams I can find, but they reappear as soon as I restart Brave.

Ah, that’s where I went wrong: I left Brave open when editing the file, the restarted it expecting it to pick up the changes, but not overwrite them on close.