Edit bookmark name - iOS


Is this a bug, or maybe I am stupid? How do you change the name of a bookmark?

Size question: how can you hide the stats bar on a new browser page?

New Page displays bookmark urls, not names

You can left swipe the bookmark and tap on edit. This opens the bookmark in edit mode where you can change the name of the bookmark

This feature is not available.


Well, yes that allows one to change the title. I should have clarified by saying the new browser window displays the url, not the bookmark name. So it doesn’t matter what the bookmark name is, when all you see is the url.


Could you take a screenshot and share am not sure what you mean


Thought i attached screen shots in the last response via email. I am uploading one picture that shows the bookmark detail, and how it is the url displayed (not the bookmark name) on the new page.


Hello? Been about two weeks now…screnshot that was requested has been uploaded. Please advise.


,…,… thank you


Sorry for the delayed response. But I don’t see any problem with the screenshot. It does show the Name and URL correctly.




This is a bit confusing, but the new tab page is not associated with bookmarks at all, they are currently, completely independent from each other.

That being said, there is currently no way to edit the label associated with the new tab page options. The bookmark name, only applies to items in the bookmark panel. We are working on some ways to improve this, so thanks for reaching out and letting us know this would be a useful feature for you.


Issue logged for this


This issue has been fixed and closed. Please let us know if you have any further issues with this.