Edit auto complete data


I have some auto complete with typos in it (my username and email address) but I can’t seem to find a way to remove that entry from the suggestions when I start typing in my username in a field.

Is there someway to remove the bad entries? Or do I have to clear all the auto-complete data and start over again?


Hi @schultzter

Could you take a look at about:autofill or about:passwords? I’m not 100% sure which data you need to change, but I’m thinking it should be in one of those areas. about:autofill has an edit option, and about:passwords will allow you to remove an entry, and then you should be able to re-add when you visit a site next.



Neither one seems to have what I need.

Here’s an example, I now have two typo entries (the first two are good, the last two are typos). So how can I get rid of the last two choices in this drop-down list?!