eBay selling won't upload pictures

How do you upload pictures to ebay. This error is reproducible. Everytime i try to sell an item on eBay when i got to choose pictures from files on the PC it gives errors. Brave is blocking this, how do i fix it?

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Hi @rdgoodri,

What OS and Brave version are you running? What happens when you attempt to upload your pics?

It’s the latest version of Windows 10 home 64 and latest brave.

It gives an X and error on every picture you choose to upload. I’m sure brave is blocking eBay from accessing pic. You can browse to and select them but they can’t be uploaded.

I was able to upload an image to my listing without issue. Can you tell me or show me what your Shields settings are set to? Additionally, if you open your Shields panel while attempting to upload am image, do you see any items blocked?

Yep I hear you, but when ever I try like just now, it always fails. See below. It does let browse to the photos right before this, and select which ones, and then I get this.

THIS PART WORKS (browsing to photos and selecting)


After you push Open, it tries to load each to ebay.



If you disable shields @rdgoodri does it make a difference?

I think this is a device recognition issue. Can you either try with Shields = Up and change the Device Recognition setting to Allow all... and see if that works? Make sure the page refreshes before trying.

If that doesn’t work, as @fanboynz asked, can you try with Shields = down and see if that makes a difference?

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