eBay saying browser not compatible


iOS 11.4

Brave Version:


  1. Went to https://www.ebay.com

  2. Tapped on Help & Contact in footer

  3. Message displayed on page:
    Oh No! Update your browser today! Starting June 30, your favorite sites won’t support outdated, unsecure browsers for online shopping. Update Now. Learn more

  4. Tapped on Learn More

  5. Message displayed on page:
    Update your browser

At eBay, your data security is very important to us. It looks like you’re using an older browser, which may not provide the security you need to buy or sell on your tablet or phone. Update your browser now by downloading the latest version.

Download the latest browser:

Google Chrome for Android
Microsoft Edge

Ebay message update browser

Thanks for reporting @br4v315h. Please take a look and continued the discussion @ this thread Ebay message update browser.

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