eBay prices showing in Mexican pesos

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I am in Mexico but use a VPN for California. When I go to eBay, I get prices in Mexican pesos, but I can change language to English.

When I use Firefox, still using VPN, I get English and US$.

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Windows 7 and latest Brave version.

Additional Information:

Can you tell me what VPN you’re using? Additionally – is it safe to assume that if you’re not using the VPN, the prices display correctly?

I’m using Witopia VPN. On or off, I get peso prices.

More info. I’m using the BRAVE browser, but my I.P. should still show in California, new jersey or wherever I set it.

When I use Firefox or I.E. (I think it’s now “Chrome,”) I get U.S. prices. either way.

It’s only a slight inconvenience so no real problem. I just don’’’'t understand it.


Can you try clearing your cache and site data for ebay.com specificially and test again to see if you get the same results?
Visit ebay.com, then, in the address bar: Lock icon --> Site Settings --> Clear data
Make sure you refresh the page after clearing the data.

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