Ebay missing postage

For the last few days every Ebay listing has been missing the postage cost on Windows 10. This isn’t happening on the mobile version of Brave or on the Waterfox desktop browser.

I’ve included an example here. https://ibb.co/tQP6jXV

Version 1.39.111 Chromium: 102.0.5005.61 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Are you running any extensions on Brave on your Windows? I’m wondering if there might be something going on as an incompatibility?

Outside of that shot in a dark, I’m not sure what may be causing the issue. I’m on Windows 10 and same version of Brave, but I’m able to see all the shipping cost on listings. In the meanwhile, I’ll tag @fanboynz and hope he might be able to stop in later with ideas if we don’t get this resolved.

Btw, keep in mind the weekend just began. While staff does occasionally pop in over the weekend, the bulk of assistance is available on the weekdays only (primarily during California work day)

Is there a specific ebay item/product not showing postage?

It’s all of them as I wrote in my post and in the linked image.

Okay, lets look at this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/294254714664 Showing, shipping and import charges.

When I confirm to buy (next page):

Given I’m using my computer and not yours I don’t understand the point.

The point is he is employed with Brave. He’s trying to look and compare to see if the problem exists within Brave itself or if something else might be at fault.

To be fair, your linked image was not a screenshot of the browser or anything. It just was

So it doesn’t help in knowing elements in play or anything. I mean, was that one of the sponsored things AFTER you view a listing? Was it at the home page? Is it everywhere? If you click on an item where it’s big like he did, does it show shipping there?

Part of troubleshooting and trying to figure out solutions is asking questions and trying to figure things out. Also if yours is an isolated incident, then that would mean it’s likely something you have installed or set on your computer.

@fanboynz Sorry, not sure why I tagged you on this since it’s not necessarily related to adblocking and all. Guess just figured maybe something in shields or whatever that was affecting scripts or something.

That said, I will say I just went to mess around on ebay. Originally it was showing shipping costs. Then I logged in and on the primary page, it showed a lot of listings but no shipping. However, that’s only on the main page. Once I started searching, it showed shipping. So I’m not sure if it’s how ebay is designed then or what’s going on? Also not sure if @davebesag has different issue.




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