Ebay message update browser


Ebay tells me I need to update browser on iPhone 6 what can I do? Talked to them they say not there problem is a browser problem

eBay saying browser not compatible
Ebay browser update

Thanks for reporting @Jrissler!

My best guess is because Ebay saw Brave as an out-dated browser from the user agent. Need more info from @joel, @sriram or @LaurenWags on this. :slight_smile:


@Jrissler Do you see the same error message while using Firefox? It must be due to UA like @eljuno pointed it out.


+1 from @br4v315h via eBay saying browser not compatible


ISo what do I need to do to fix this


So what do I need to do to fix this or is there no fix?


I’m sorry for late reply @Jrissler,
If it’s because of the User-Agent, then I think there’s nothing that you can do until the team release an update for Brave for iOS (which usually also including update to the UA).

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