Ebay listings cannot up load photos using brave


cannot upload photos of items selling on ebay with brave. Have to go back to safari


Hi @callohan,

Per the posting guidelines please provide the requisite info so we can investigate in an efficient manner.



I am having the same problems. I will provide the information, so you all can try to help me, and maybe the other gentleman too.

Brave 0.20.30
OSX Yosemite 10.10.5
Shield Settings: Default

  1. Sign in to Ebay.
  2. Go to My Ebay.
  3. Go to Create a Listing
  4. Scroll to the add photos window
  5. Select Add Photos
  6. Upload a photo
  7. The following error occurs:


Also, I have tried multiple photos, so the photo itself is not the issue. Also the same photos will upload on Chrome.


Thanks for the info!
@callo98 @callohan, can you try this and see if this can help?

  • On ebay, click lion icon in top-right then adjust Fingerprinting Protection to Allow all fingerprinting
  • If it still not working, you can try to set to Allow all cookie on that panel too.

Don’t worry, that’s per site setting so will not affect other sites and default shields setting.



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