eBay Listing photo up-loads Blocked



I love Brave and want to help improve it.
When one is listing an item for sale on ebay.co.uk when it comes to uploading your photos to the listing it blocks the upload, there is no error message it just won’t upload them.
The process of selecting the photos from the folder on your desktop is fine and it allows you to select but the upload does not happen. It works fine on Chrome and I switch to chrome to complete the listing but it’s annoying. I tried Opera a year ago and that had the same issue.


Thanks for reaching out!
This is a device recognition issue – Brave is blocking eBay from gathering info on the device you’re using in order to properly display, scale, and add your image.
To resolve this, visit eBay, open your Shields panel and change the Device Recognition option to Allow all device recognition

Let me know if this helps.


Great, thanks for the quick response.
I’ll do this on my next listing.

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