Ebay is warning that my unsecure ( umm ok ebay ;-) ) browser will no longer work after June 30th

I have only seen this warning in the iOS version of Brave.

Can someone at Brave corporate contact them and get brave on the list of approved browsers. I would hate to have to sw to another browser for just one site.

Great product. Thanks for building Brave.

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@Drdrums thanks for reaching out. :grin:

My best guest is because eBay saw Brave as an “outdated” version of Firefox. Brave for iOS is using Firefox user agent and it seems it’s a few version behind the latest Firefox version.

The only solution is waiting for Brave to update the user agent. cc @sriram @anon1255531 on this. :wink:

I am unable to reproduce the issue. Are you on the updated version of Brave? Current version is 1.8.

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