Ebay compatibility on mobile


eBay displays blank pages. After login and selecting the My eBay (the shadow person icon upper right) eBay displays blank pages. It happens for all their tabs (Watching, Buying, Selling). Selecting Shields “Down” has no effect on the blank pages. However, if you refresh the page multiple times it may load ( about one out of five refresh attempts).
Brave 1.0.21:Chromium 58.0.3029.83
Android 6.0.0:HTC m8
Thank you and love your browser!


@Lphillips5 are you able to take a screenshot? I don’t get what do you mean. Thanks.


Thanks for looking into this! Here are two screen shots. The first one is the blank screen that I get most all the time. The second is what it’s supposed to look like. I can get this screen by refreshing a bunch of times until it displays.



@Lphillips5 I tried and I don’t have such problem, it always shows items there. Have you tried to do the same in Chrome? Thanks.


Good idea. I just tried it in chrome (new install) and it did the same blank screen thing so I guess it’s a phone issue. Perhaps a problematic setting? Got any ideas on what may cause this? Thanks!

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