Easy toolbar improvement (and making Share/read-later services easier to use)

Getting articles quickly in Instapaper or Paper is among the most essential tasks of every mobile web user. Brave unfortunately is a little less efficient than other browsers at this (more taps), but it could be made more efficient with a couple tweaks:

1. make the “share” button accessible on the bottom bar. The bottom bar icons are too spaced out and not meaningfully clustered. But this bottom-bar arrangement would make more sense and make “Share” accessible in one tap:
      toolbar recommendation

2. make a sharing service (eg Instapaper or Pocket) available as a choice on the pop-up menu for links. This saves a tap and allows multiple stories on a page to be grabbed more quickly.

Thank you for considering!

Thoughts about this? It would greatly improve my flow of using the infowebs. I found myself tinkering w/iCab again yesterday for a task involving many sites and was reminded how nice it is to be able to grab links quickly as described above!