Easy Toggle for Image-ON-or-OFF


Brave is definitely one of my top android browsers but one feature is missing: the Image Toggle.

a. save data
b. for privacy; sometimes, you just dont wanna show/expose some photos of things you’re browsing while on a crowded train. LOL

Anyway, the absence of this feature is the reason why I am not able to fully switch to Brave as my main browser. Luckily, one browser has this feature:
[Browser by:XMan] (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mmbox.browser)

[Here’s a gif of “instant/easy” Image Toggle on Browser] (https://media.giphy.com/media/ZO8LOzTZG6boVBhjBZ/giphy.gif)

The only minor issue about Browser is that not all ads are blocked; there are a few that tends to slip in.

I hope Brave will have this feature too in the near future. It’d be the perfect mobile browser for privacy, speed, and data-saving as well!!


Hi @derf22

Thanks for your suggestion! I found that we do have a request logged for this, so I have added your +1 to it. You can track the progress of this request here:

Thanks for your feedback! Going to close this thread for now, please open new threads for any other issues, questions, or feedback.

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