Easier "Clear Browsing Data." Fewer steps

Feature Request – actually, a feature modification request. Make it easier to manually clear user data. By my count the current procedure for clearing user data in Brave is to touch: 3 dots > Settings > Privacy > Clear browsing data > Clear data > Clear > Back Back. (I think one of these may only appear if certain sites have stored data.) This discourages good user data hygiene. I try to always use private tabs in Brave to avoid this, but since there is no option to always start in a private tab I sometimes accidentally start browsing in a regular tab. I know that other browsers have similar procedures for clearing data, but some make it easier. I don’t know what the technical limitations are for this, but I suggest something like: 3 dots > Clear browsing data > Confirm, followed by an automatic return to browsing. Options for clearing data will have previously been chosen via Settings and would be persistent. A button on the tool bar for clearing browsing data would skip the first step, making this a two touch operation. This seems to me like a basic requirement for any browser concerned with user privacy along with a few others: An option for “Always start in private mode” and an option for “Clear browsing data on (app) exit.” Both of these features have been previously requested and seconded by yself and others. I would also like to see assurance that any tab closed by the user has its data cleared, at least for private tabs. This might be via a brief popup or addressed in Help. If there is an option to always clear on exit, this last is unnecessary. Thank you for your consideration. I like what you’ve done with Brave so far, but I can’t make it my default browser quite yet.

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